In the Studio
Laurent Proux

Sketch © Laurent Proux

Discover the new canvases and the new paths.
When the lights of Chigaco ambience other horizons, when the figure appears and the sketches hold the guts.
Our words. Thinking about what comes next. To continue talking. A year has passed, I will come back.

In the Studio
Laurent Proux

Lines, colours, commitment, strength, work and fight.
Attachment to struggles,
both social and artistic. There is the vitality of beliefs. There is L’homme et la machine and the need to do, to say, to show. I like the way in which our ideas recognize each others.

Poste approvisionneur, 2014 (detail) Oil on canvas, 220 x 200 cm
© Laurent Proux, courtesy Semiose galerie, Paris


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