David Coste

Intermittent Boundaries

On the occasion of his first published monograph, the artist David Coste invited some friends and relatives to write definitions of words or groups of words that he has chosen for us.
These small texts come to play with the art works, drawings, interviews and images present in his book.

David Coste
Intermittent Boundaries, 2011
Éditions Janninck

Bilingual (French / English)

120 pages

ISBN 978-2-916067-51-3
Authors: François Aubart, Émilie Flory, Arnaud Fourrier, Pierre Jodlowski, Vincent Meyer, Martine Michard, Manuel Pomar
Graphic Design: Grégoire Romanet

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David Coste

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A surface — not necesseraly flat — of varying size where rocky or cement masses accumulate. It’s not unusual in certain regions to see flourishing of grasses and other young common shoots. Formerly, an area ravaged by human buildup.

The action of extracting, to take out of one’s milieu all or part of the mass, solid or liquid, physical or mental. It can be applied to a terrain, a world, human or animal society, to ideas. What results is often an orifice, a caesura, sometimes an exclusion that can be associated with emptiness.

Universal ensemble of diverse and complementary individuals who, without agreeing about everything, work, feel moved by ans are passionated about a common idea or cause. A training that would allow individuals to affirm themselves : Owing to Lack of Interest, Tomorrow Has Been Cancelled.*

Term used for certain artistic projects that regularly use conceptual materials and plastics. Thirty years ago, it was common to see several people modeling and drawing hillcocks. This amusing pratice which became quite an obsession was supposed to enable them to discover a utopian (military) site.

— Émilie Flory
Pau, March 2011

Owing to Lack of Interest, Tomorrow Has Been Cancelled is the Title of an Article by Warren Chalk from 1969. (Note by the Author)

Translated by Unity Woodman


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